blackmail press 27
Tony Chad
New Zealand

untitled sculpture - Shane Eggleton
Tony Chad is a poet and musician living in Whiteman’s Valley, Upper Hutt, where he endeavours to find the best balance of paid employment, the arts and a subsistence lifestyle. He particularly enjoys Guinness and strawberries - but not together!
Mastering the Arts

Using Micronesian navigational techniques
it is possible to circumnavigate your world

Have Faith…. says the tutor

1 and 3 in
3 and 1 out…. adds the ex-fireman

light to dark ….light to dark

the paint turns
to blood
as the student
rubs & rubs

bring the black forward

black scraps
of paper
rain down


abstraction is a language
it’s not about decoration
it’s the way we sight something

light to dark
bring the black forward

each shell is an island

each cane is a current

plan for a journey