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Tain Ducat
Word Up 2014

Tain is 16 years old, and is inspired by underground NZ hip hop form artists like young Gifted and Broke and Tom Scott.  He is passionate about his writing, and would love to pursue his music as a career, and be known for rapping about real topics.  Give it up for Tain Ducat, performing ‘Young Oneders’

Young Oneders

What is the world doing? What is God brewing?
Why did he make us have no clue and I gotta hit the stu man
This world has changed so greatly over time
Not long ago, we discovered the rhyme
The suns shone for so long, let's hope it keeps up its shine
There's so much to love and hate in this world of mine
I'm so thankful for this life that I've been given
And god I do understand why some things are forbidden
Best to raise em strong, tell the truth to the children
Growing population, so the world keeps on buildin
Trying to create space, is this place called space real?
Why is life something we can't replace? Why do we feel?
Is real perceived in this mind man what's the deal?
Why do people and I have the urge to steal?
I understand we have to work hard to receive what we please
This isn't the case in other countries where peoples needs
Are not exceeded and keep passing diseases
They should've prayed to God and his son Jesus
this world! I have so many damn questions
I'm young yet I've learnt so many life lessons
These questions on my mind, they keep me guessing
Why do I even have my blessings?

Independence, I'll learn by myself
Constant questions, what's it all about?

Independence, I'll learn by myself
Constant questions, what's it all about?

Nothing on this earth is preserved anymore
Like a computer programme, I just wanna click restore
Big people have a little argument resulting in a war
God. What is all of this for?
You see you're the one who's supposed reassure
us. Before we step on the boat to hell and go off shore
I want a new world, but I don't want it like before
I want a fresh start, where this world is pure
People are to immature, ignorant, nobody cares about nature
I hope that theres some people today that I can relate ta
Am I speaking for the world, or just some random nations?
I'm with Nas and Damien Marley, and their song Patience
But I'm with Tom Scott too, 'Good God', how long is God Takin?
Father, can I even call you that, are you faking?

Maybe your like Santa clause, who has no actual cause
Than giving childish people belief, at Christmas plays we applause
People put their lives on pause on Sundays, to hope that deep down someday
they meet you - unlikely, yet they continue to pray
Desperate times these days, people need a fatherly figure
Or maybe these hopeful human beings should for themselves figure
out what to do with their lives
Despite in their lives having beyond hard times
Im not a religious person, but being an atheist is something I deny
Cos I pray to you and I admit it at times I cry
Cos I don't even know what this world is coming to
I just hope you've hit the gym for the strength to pull this world through
The desperation that it's in, I will be anticipating
No matter how long the people and I will keep on waiting
I sense for generations that people will keep on sinning
Am I the only one who wants a new beginning?