blackmail press 33
Tru Paraha
New Zealand

Tui Taonga 1-5 Penny Howard
Tru Paraha is a NZ artist working in the fields of dance, performance art and poetry. Paraha's poetry has been commissioned within NZ theatre projects and published in international anthologies edited by Wendy Maltz. She has been a guest reader at the Michael King Writers Centre,  Poetry Live, Auckland Matariki Festival Launch, Kupu Rere, Parnell Rose Festival and numerous arts events. Paraha is currently the artistic director of new performance forum HINE.
AEIOU - How to pronounce

Aartist asks:  courage after suffering?
lover uncovered / brother drafted / mother far far / father apart

heart starved

Ebenevolence when entering near death experience
men exit trenches ever reverent

severed head

Ispeech defeats / leads 
even eagles meet beneath steeples preceding evil deeds

beached wing

Oforeshore: wars fought before small auditoriums call for support
all morphed talk 

squawk squawk

Ublue moon:
loose fruits crooned through you tube rooster zoo doodle doo

(whose truth?)


savages  scabs  rebels  barbarians  brutes  lewddancing  animals  sluts  mutts  dangerous radicals dirtyblack dolebludging unemployed criminals pennydiving gumdigging landhoarding separatists coons goons child-abusers statistically-at-risk violent losers moaning   lazy   protesting boozers   illiterate   natives    underachievers   filthy  skanky   sexy   brown  bitches witches superstitious malicious terrorists once-were-warrior guerrilla-style activists

They have named us.

Singing in the belly of the paradox

universe rant
immaculate womb
i die
infinity   star particle reborn

beyond chorus of extinction  distinctly resounding by forest  lake  swamp
scorched  tree offering
beside  furrowed  bean  pea  beet  potato  courgette  near Bastion  pah  bunkers  to
church palisade
behind middens  broken glass  backyard  state-digs   inside  temple  pot-hole  terrestrial
atop mountain  hiccupping  vegetal  thunder    across continent romance  tectonic  hot
over trail of ancestor  revolutionary quest within border  line  territory  hundred rank
beneath province  town  village  neighborhood armour  under sky cloud  bird  leaf 
between  pounamu doors of peace-flag descendant  around flower field  shimmering 
colour  scent  hue
around sun  planet  atom  incorrigible moon  between quantum existence tomorrows
under current  flow  reign  rip unorthodox tide  beneath parameter endogenously  made-
within seagull bowels  aftermath to a feasting  over terraces  bat  caverns  latent artillery
across silage sea  shark  wild  ray  piranha  inside crater red  scoria where cattle graze
behind skull valley croonings  elusive insomnia near sub urban landscrape excavation
beside viaduct carbons  ceremonial breathtank  by adzes  discovering lost new island
to a sleepwalker freedom-oceanic wet  dreaming

in the belly of the paradox

in the nerve-spine of the conundrum

at the lip of the precipice

at the turn of the golden century continuum

to one divine Origin  progressively revealing   by sperm whale beached in
indelible sand
beside musket-death warrior  nursing moist seed   near convoluted politics  urban drift
behind unveiled dawn maiden deadly inheritor   inside dancing trenches such peach-ripe
atop skytower tongue piercing steel  leviathan  across kauri blood  gum dug  sweet
over land  women  lost art  buried semen   within tenuous griefs our flung  far carrions
beneath placenta tree  nourishes future  prophecy under lore of continuance  hope
between lovers agape in deep flesh   mystery   round eye petalled  children blinking 
dark unity

in the belly of the paradox

in the nerve-spine of the conundrum

at the lip of the precipice        watched
at the turn of the golden century continuum
the sun
the moon
love make                                                                                                                                  fuck o

bled                                                                                                              celestial

                                                into clouds

and then