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Tagata Pasifika Alternative Education

Tagata Pasifika Alternative Education
Rev. Mua Strickson Pua presents a selection of inspiring, challenging and insightful poems written by young students of the Tagata Pasifika Alternate Eduacation school. The poems speak from the perspectives of our pasika youth, and challenge you to see the world through their young eyes; listen to their young hearts, minds and spirits speak.

Take some time to read and re-read these wonderful pieces of Poetry/ Rap/ Spoken Word, there are insights within these pieces that we all should acknowledge, words from the youth who have struggled within the mainstream education system of Aotearoa.
A lesson to us "adults" that we must look for ways to bring the very best of our youth out for them to see, for us all to see.

Malo Lava !-

Doug Poole

By Robbie Donaldson

Walking to Grey Lynn central
all I see is our crew feeling so good
relaxing chilling just hanging out
my brain begins to think of new ways
its about making good choices
and living with the consequences
of my drugs and alcohol
gotta get my shit together.

By Karleen

In times of need
I know your there
watching over us
showing us you care
loving us  and
blessing us with grace
in good times and bad
when ever we’re mad or sad
I close my eyes and pray
your blessings last me
the whole day.

By Jordan

I remember the days when money was hard to get
Everyday at the  race courses trying to bet
For some money to pay the bills put food in the kitchen
Every night I prayed to the Lord and I’m wishing
Looking for that invitation one way ticket out
Can you hear my prayers Lord can you help me figure it out
A way to survive in this life that I’m living
Always looking at my mom such a terrible feelings
I’m trying to succeed no more sleepless nights

MANIAK my aka
By Govinda

Intelligent MCs holding it down
Its me maniak aka vinda Taufitu
You can be down if you want to
Nick name Babu I see you yes you haha
Splitting them up Niue half cast
I hope for you I hope for everyone
No need to be fussy
I gotta follow my dreams
Hear my flows hear my flows
As I conquer the universes

By Shannon

is something true
and will happen.
when I’m out there tagging
hope it aint a bad habit.
I see fresh walls
I’m like a magnet.
to be a mechanic
now I’m a fanatic.
I pull out the wacks
and the wilds.
changing my tagging styles

I hope I hope to get  to the top
of my graffiti game
yeah you know I wont stop
cuz its capital D.M.O. to the N
you can start now cus
I’m about to end

By Mario

Maori images
Maori symbols
Maori culture
This goes out to
All people Tangata Tagata
It be the Maori side
Coming throughout the islands
Don’t be blind man
North island
Like Maui and the sun
Taniwhas in the sea
Representing every Chief
That you can already see
Just like George Nuku
Said to us Kia Kaha
Be proud to be Maori

By Karleen

Beginning of hope
is the dreams
have hope
and continue to believe
and you continue to achieve
be hopeful and you will see
all the good things you can be.

By Megan

The Queen has gone
but we have to stay strong
this is where we belong Aotearoa
Maori Tangata whenua
People of the land

There is now a new leader
a King who will lead and serve
continuing to help the people
like his mother Dame Te Ata
our Maori Queen

So carry on and be strong
stay true to your Maori kaupapa
never to forget who you are
your whanau who we are
to the end a new beginning
Rest In Peace

by Mario

Everyone dancing around
Dancing like clowns
Can you hear my favourite sounds
Its going to drop like a pound
And for the people in the crowd
Put your hands up in the air
Listen to the people cheer
Listen to the people cheer
This be Mario kicking it back
And rapping for Central
A little Raro Niuean Spanish
Desparado to humanity identity
Doing it for peace
Whats your identity
You tell me?

By Megan

Why wont this pain go away?
Everyday I feel this pain it hurts me
Nobody understands me at all why?
I hate going to loved ones funerals
Its so hard to say good bye
I ask myself why are people
Around me who I love are dying
I have to remind myself they are dead
Theres their coffin in Church
A box with the body of a loved one
I cry because I never said good bye
As I scatter their ashes my mind my life
And my heart crashes against the edges of death
This is wrong our loved ones have gone forever.

By Megan

All different cultures around
As I’m looking around
Filling all the grounds
Of Aotearoa New Zealand
It doesn’t matter who
You are if you
Come from a far
Just accept who you
Are we’re all humans
In this whole universe
So don’t be racist
And face this you
Are who you are

By Megan & Pam

Pam: Sisters connected to Mothers through blood.
Megan: Blood from the body blood from tragic experiences.
Pam: Red blood born out of pain drips cheaply.
Megan: Sisterhood is a unity  of reality.
Pam: No sisters is like a desert with no flowers.
Megan: We are who we are sisters for life bloodied.

By Gemma

There are different cultures
different races and religions
theres so many to choose from
so make the right decision
its not about colour black or white
make the decision to set things right

By Gemma

Gemma is my first name
Enthusiactic is what I am
Making people happy every where
Mature in the way I think
Ambitious is going for it

By Pam

I am Niuean
I think I
am awesome orator
I like rhyming
and this is
what I’m saying
I’m me and
accept me for
who I am
yeah my name
is Pam spitting
out my jams.

By Werner

My love for you
Rises with each breath
Falling in love and out of love
From pain to pleasure
I want to prove my love
But you have stolen my heart
Love is the colour blue
Where I am alone

By Werner

Yes I will date you
Yes I will love you
Yes I will be yours
But at the same time it’s a NO
No she will not date me
No she will not love me
No she will not be mine
Broken hearted

By Robbie

I like my eyes so I can see
I like my tongue so I can taste
I like my legs because I love sports
I like my feet because I love shoes
I like myself Robbie Donaldson

By Robbie

Mr Taylor
I used to be a failure
You inspired me
From your faith in us
You had a lot of trust

If it wasn’t for you
I would still be at home
Not doing anything
But now I feel good
About myself cause I’m going to course
Not always getting on the horse
I’ve also improved myself from this course
Tagata Pasifika
Is about making it happen
Getting yourself sorted

Thanks for the support Mr Taylor
Hope you the best with your life
Hopefully no strife
Later Mr Taylor