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Terence Rissetto
New Zealand

untitled sculpture - Shane Eggleton
Terence Rissetto is a young old man, and therefore a man of few contradictions. Growing up in Mangere, he became a violent hippie once he realised the difference.  His full name means tender wise counsellor of the wild rose, which is often shortened to 'that prick'.
In pari delicto

I thought of you on Christmas Day

As I tore the white and braised flesh

Strangely  reminiscent of sunbaking holidaymakers

from a chicken  content in its own succulence.

My fingers became greasy and anointed  with oil and other  bodily fluids.

The  cat, sleeping nearby,  suddenly became animated and affectionate at the same time, cupboard love, as you would call it, but an air of shimmering expectancy

I turned and  wiped my hands on its soft cool fur, much as you would apply suntan lotion to an old friend.

Unexpectedly the cat  tried to bite and claw at my hand, possibly because it was not used to such kindness.

It was at that moment, and I don't know why,  that I thought of you.