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Enigmatic blue on a weekly basis Andy Leleisi'uao
Enigmatic blue on a weekly basis - Andy Leleisi'uao
I draw my Pacific Islands heritage from the nation of Kiribati in the Central Pacific, but I grew up in Fiji and for most of my life, that was 'home'. I now live in Wellington, New Zealand where I teach Pacific Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. I wrote the poems below while I was in London, researching the history of Fijian soldiers in the British Army. For many years, poetry has crucially functioned as ballast for my academic thinking and analysis. In 2008 I released a CD of poetry and sound called "I can see Fiji". It was produced by Hinemoana Baker, featured percussion by Des Mallon, and was made possible by a grant from Creative New Zealand. In Radio New Zealand's 'Best of 2008' listings, "I can see Fiji" was named one of three CDs of poetry and music that managed to enhance both disciplines. You can purchase a copy of "I can see Fiji" from .

Post-Wimbledon Blues at the Swinton Hotel

Sweaty under foot
Taking magic outside

London is arriving
As I fade

My feet crack back
Into pleasant games
Of clinical bleeding

Toe tennis dazzles
Without the smell of the sea

Agoraphobia at the Swinton Hotel

Housekeeper drops
Spoons milk
Balances clean
Cups fresh
Water wishes
Me a well

Seven and eight stories of Fiji in Sloane

I rode the wrong way
To catch the Circle

Walked past history
Trying to access wifi

Going to educate myself
On empire

No one notices
Fijians smiling for photographs
Te Ariki Campbell’s boys crying

Vulnerability in the best practices
Of the British Army



In King’s Cross while...

I can see Fiji
being pressed
At Amstore

MOD is not calling

Sandhurst not calling

Sean and the kids, not

Obama’s trail
Leads to London

Pukerua’s poems
Fly over handlebars

Paekakariki’s taste
Good on the tongue