Wayne Sheggia
Wayne Scheggia is a Victorian, living in cultural exile in Western Australia.
He knows a little bit about a lot of stuff which makes him very good at wide ranging shallow conversations, to which many of the women in his life will attest.
He is in denial about an ego that subconsciously drives him to seek publication of his poetry, (which he adores), but finds a very limited wider audience. Occasionally, he writes something that is worth a second read by more discerning individuals.
Have a look at his latest offerings and see what you think…

Realizing 1976

on waves
carried forward
with all the opportunity
that the tide presents

to be dashed
in an instant
upon the rocks of youth
or ride the ninety mile beach
to its conclusion

spent upon the sand
for the choice
of you

forgive me my mistakes
I was only a teenage God



little boy knows
she’s not around
thinks Heaven’s in the attic
she’s just changing the light bulb

how long will it take


held a posy
in the rain
staring down
at the earth
saw a box
named mother

eight years old
can’t understand


in front of the television
for fifteen years

she worked
and birthed
and mothered
and slaved
and died

he can’t find the remote control
for grief


they walk up the staircase
and take a seat in the darkness
of Heaven

Mary Had Me.

je suis
tu as
nous sommes

because you’re with me

dripping black
voided pool
of nothing

when you’re not

it’s Mary

she had a little lamb,

that’s what women do