Words from Christina

when I was five my teacher forced me to learn to read
by tapping each word with a small sharp cane- i remained silent - staring- words stuck in my throat - when she hit me- they fell out

my mother wanted her children to speak well - she purchased four candy sticks to give her children - for christmas - on her way home three of the candy sticks broke -  one fat erect stick was left - she said the child who pronounces "towel" most beautifully for the rest of the year shall get the whole candy stick

every day I chanted towel obsessively - my tongue rich - slurping the candy stick haunted my dreams - i must possess it -
i journeyed up and down the long dark passage - a primordial howl toweling out of my throat

on christmas morning i received a broken candy stick -  the fat erect one had broken - i fell to the ground screaming - my mother flung me into the bathroom and shut the door - snatching up the towels - i made a nest on the floor and pissed into them - my piss hot - slowly seeping - ecstatic - nesting - i discovered the true meaning of towel

reading these words - these poems -  handling them joyously - i am reminded that poetry is beyond what we are taught- the essence of the image rushes behind the word

Christina Conrad
guest editor - issue 3 blackmail press
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