blackmail press 40
Lynette Leong
first published issue 21

The fecund people - Andy Leleisi'uao 2014
Lynette Leong was born in Auckland and is of Hong Kong and Malaysian Chinese descent. She has previously appeared in blackmail press and Spectrum 1: An Anthology of Short Stories by New Graduate Writers.
In the new land

we stray souls go wandering
looking for a likely friend
amidst pale trees that taught us to speak
that teach us still to speak
in words our parents cannot understand

we wander further still
we cannot see the sky anymore
not the stars for navigation
not the moon for time
not the clouds for drink

there is no night

only the constant gloam
of the heart
of the pale forest

and the cries of birds from stories
that are not our own.

but now and then
there is a glimpse of a silver something
brighter than the white arms that hold the sky

and suddenly

on our lips

almost forgotten

a trace of lotus nut


of duck yolk

of fat


and thick

on the tongue.