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Andrew Fiu
new zealand
Ta’afuli Andrew Fiu was born in 1965 in the village of Lefaga, Matautu, a small province of Apia in Western Samoa. In 1970, Andrew, his parents and younger brother migrated to Auckland, New Zealand.
In 1979, at the age of 14, he became seriously ill. A doctor’s misdiagnosis of his condition as a‘bad cold’ resulted in rheumatic fever, damaging Andrew’s heart valves and becoming untreatable through medication.

During the next 26 years, he underwent four planned open-heart surgeries and one unscheduled reopening.

(According to some health professionals, surviving five open-heart surgeries is a record.) On two different occasions he has died and been revived. Andrew grew up in hospital, and his years in cardiac wards have armed him with life experiences most people will never encounter. Although he must continue to live on a cocktail of medications, he thrives and continues to be an optimist.
Now aged 40, he has four children and is co-director of Pacific Mango Media and Design Agency Ltd. He is also studying for a post-graduate Diploma in Not-for-Profit Management and is active in the community.

Check out Andrew's biography Purple Heart:

Make Poverty History

Start today?
That's really nice, commendable even...
I'm sorry to hear about the 30,000 children that die each day.
Honestly, it is sad.
The broken country.

Manukau City has it's deserted wastelands,
dried waterbeds of opportunity and even sadder...
kinder dry tears.
Tanzania, Malawi & Niger - sister cities?
We offer Otara, Mangere & Cannons Creek.
I'm sorry to hear about twin babies dying -
innocence born into 'dysfunction'.

Make Poverty History - how?
If it runs unabated here - Godzone!
Fix your own house first!
When complaints go unheard and education
Stays without Passion!
Because Poverty made History Here,
lulling families through shoeless days at school and
standing patiently on welfare lines...

Thank you Bono - demand political change!
While you are here talk to Helen.
Make poverty History.
Start today!

Painted Lady

Ruby red, cheeks so naked
Roses crawling around your torso
almost selective...
In it's embrace with
Leaves so green on pale white -
powered skin.
Proud of it's rose buds - estatic
of your translucent face.

My kingdom for a date

Just the thought makes me
blush, blush, blush
What to say? What to wear?
I surprise myself dressing up in front of my mirror.
Swiftly, quickly - fresh cut flowers I must have
rush, rush, rush

I've not spoken to you yet like your lover...
I stare.
I will wait till the next stop.
And maybe destiny will converge on this yellow bus.
My kingdom for a date miss?
Sole' Uso, do not
blush, blush, blush