blackmail press 17
new zealand poets (click on name to view)
Karlo Mila
Penny Ashton
Ben Kemp
Michelle Arathimos
Andrew Fiu
Renee Liang
Kalim Shepherd
Mary Cresswell
Vincent Poole
Rae Pater
Nicholas Messenger
Keith Nunes
Lora Mountjoy
Jennifer B
Lesley Crimmins
Bernard V Kyle
Harvey Molloy
Jessica Gulliver
Trevor Landers
Mark Nicholas Jamieson
international poets
Jayne Fenton Keane
Arlene Ang
Larry Jaffe
Aamir Aziz
Dave Lordan
Ramesh Dohan
Maurice Oliver
Christopher Mulrooney

Special Features:
Poems from “An Absolute Rush” Poetry workshop held by Karlo Mila and Renee Liang.

New Poets Feature
Talulah Belle - Night Skies.
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In the cold calm of unslept night
  moonlit ruefulness is in  pool wading
timid swimmers, warm snatches of  forgotten suns
    bite of the blackening breeze

Inventing Erika - Trevor Landers
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