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Photography: Sarah Reed
Annabel Henderson Morrell

Annabel Henderson Morrell's poetry has most recently featured as part of
National Radio's 'Open Story Season' and in a continuing series of
hand-made zines. A few weeks ago, she cut all her hair off and is
enjoying feeling the cold Wellington wind on the back of her neck.

are you awake?

are you awake?
are you in bed, like me
and restless?
are you waiting
by the streetlight
looking up at my window?
are you out somewhere?
are you with the new girlfriend
the other new girlfriend
the one that really is
the one this time?
are you in the bar
with the red lampshades
trying to pretend
that you only smoke
when you're drinking
that you only drink
when you're smoking
that you only think like this
when you've had too much that you
only miss me when
the night has gotten as dark as
it is going to be and when dawn is
the only certainty?
are you awake?
are you afraid, like me
that the sun has
changed its mind?

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