blackmailpress 13
ISSN 1176-4791
Photography Sarah Reed
36 Inch Bust
Women's Poetry Issue
Guest Editor Tania Brady
Alison Eastley
Bronwyn Bryant
Annabel Henderson-Morrell
Carole Nelson-Phillips
Catherine Kelsey
Serie Barford
Elaine King
Isha Wagner
Gaye Sutton
Heather Talbott
Helen Lehndorf
Holly Edgecombe
Jacqueline Crompton Ottaway
Jan FitzGerald
Jane England
Janis Freegard
Jenny Argante
Jenny Clay

Jessica Le Bas
Joy Green
Karisma Vala-Blackmore
Lydia O'Dwyer
Marie Cameron
Martha Morseth
Mary Cresswell
Raewyn Alexander
Renee Liang
Phillipa Reeve
Sheila MacKinnon
Shelley Trueman
Siobhan Harvey
Sue Emms
Sue Fitchett
Sue Wootton
Victoria Stace
Yvonne Eve Walus

Because the sea rolls green
before the wind I surf the
clouds for Emily Bronte

- Emily Refuses Marie Cameron
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