Name: Carole Nelson Phillips
country : New Zealand


no I wouldn't  buy a  black one especially not with feathers

give me a sedative
to part  black wings
enfolding me

if I could move
my fingers
I'd pluck out
each feather
letting in light

then I'd buy
a red hat
blue scarf
step out
& embrace
this winter

raise my head
in the supermarket
speak while buying
two tamarillo
walk through sleet
my hair tied
beneath my hat

give me a sedative
so I can buy
a red hat
maybe one
lined with velvet


She'll probably leave me the crystal  though she knows it's not me

who you could
never polish
the shadow
passing across
your crystal figurines
I bring dust in
on my shoes
& you're behind me
with a broom

never sit
at your mahogany table
with it's silk flower
instead a TV table
near your armchair
where  you're up
& down refilling
your wine glass
while talking
to TV hosts
in overfamiliar slur

I walk on oiled floors
my coffee is good
there are urns
of bare branches
in winter
cracked clay figures
lay across dusty shelves
& my children like me
are imperfect
we talk with our mouths full
at my table


When you forget I'm there

I love the view
from your window
the wide lawn
covered red & gold
beneath shedding trees

I'd like to be impolite
leave you
mid conversation
walk out amongst it all
sit on the concrete seat
beneath the oak

cover myself
with autumn
hang maple leaves
from my ears
weave a crown from
thin branches
fill it with berries
sit like a quiet tree

while you inside
still talking
stoke the fire
& open another
bottle of wine