blackmailpress 8 ISSN 1176-4791
The ART of being: Christina Conrad
Kia Ora, Welcome,

Issue eight
Welcomes back Stephen Oliver, Trevor Landers, Richard Zola, Pris Campbell, Rochelle Hope Mehr , Rae Pater & Cristina Galeata.
Features NZ Poets:
Arthur Amon, Cornelius Stone, Gregory Brimblecombe, Erin Mercer, Sue Baker Wilson, Sundar Iyer, Bernard Gadd & Daniel Harrison.
Features International Guests:
Micheal Paul Ladanyi, Jane Njoki, Alex Nodopaka, Keli Strafford, Tim Derr & Paul Hardacre.
Featured Links:
- Headworx - JAAM
- Glottis
Enjoy !! - Editors BMP
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'Last days in dargaville' - Christina Conrad
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Conrad art and poetry -
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Carole Nelson Phillips
Gregory Brimblecombe
Erin Mercer
Cornelius Stone
Sue Baker Wilson
Arthur Amon
Rae Pater
Stephen Oliver
Trevor Landers
Sundar Iyer
Bernard Gadd
Daniel Harrison
Rochelle Hope Mehr
Richard Zola
Keli Strafford
Micheal Paul Ladanyi
Cristina Galeata
Jane Njoki
Alex Nodopaka
Pris Campbell & Tim Derr
Paul Hardacre
Glottis - Nick Ascroft - Click Here
JAAM - Headworx - Mark Pirie - Click Here