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Photography: Sarah Reed
Gaye Sutton

Gaye Sutton is a wife, mother and new grandmother. She writes and tells stories for adults and children, works as a life coach and counsellor and conducts short retreats for people looking for new directions and expressive skills. She loves to write poetry.
re-membering: 1

Early Summer,
Friday night,
Waiting for the train.
Small town girls on a rare treat
Late night shopping in Wellington.
Do you smoke? Gasping for one yourself; the final touch,
After gloves, hat and lipstick,
To a night out,
Even if only with your teenage daughter.
Sixteen, unsure if truth or lie was the wisest course,
I confessed.
We crossed the road to the dairy
An illicit purchase ~ 10 Matinee~
And peppermints for after!
Don’t tell your father…I’d die if they ever told me I had lung cancer!
Complicity added to our attachments,
We ran for the train,
Fell through the door laughing,
Lit up.

she is…

You were right.
She is interesting but
More than that...attractive
As a warm golden fire attracts
By cheerful glow,
Evocative shadows and lights
Dance merrily but
never losing its centre
I think she appreciates people.
Her laughter is strong and
Spontaneous like yours.
I’ll bet you’ve noticed her
Eyes sparkle when she laughs.
Yes, a good choice I’d say
Not least of all because
She obviously loves you.


Exuberant, on green bicycles
Hired from the kiosk at the end of the Bay
We whoop along the track
Wheels wobbling, laughter bubbling
Ears full of gull cries and sea roar.
Waves tumble towards us...
Foamy green - whipped by the same
Wind that makes my hair stream.
They break against the sea wall then
Suck back in swift retreat
As if a giant finger somewhere
Pulled out the plug.

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