At his mercy

In Copenhagen my taxi driver is tall and lean with olive skin. He wears thick socks inside
slide sandals. He watches as I lift my suitcase into the boot of his big German car.

He drives fast without talking, one hand loosely on the bottom of the steering wheel, the other
in his lap. I want to tell him to use both hands but I stay silent.

He veers in and out of lanes.  At times, he looks down.  I suspect if I lean over I will see a
cell phone between his thighs.

Kate Mahony’s writing has been published in various literary magazines and anthologies including 'Bonsai: Best small stories from Aotearoa New Zealand' (Canterbury University Press, 2018), 'Mayhem' (Waikato University, 2019),  Blackmail Press, Meniscus (Australia), takahē magazine, The Island Review, Litro NY, Fictive Dream, Flash Frontier, the Fish Anthology, Fiction Kitchen Berlin, Blue Fifth Review and The Blue Nib. Her short stories have been finalists in various international competitions. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Victoria University, Wellington. She lives in Wellington. More at: