blackmailpress Issue 44

Edited by Megan Carter


Introduction - Megan Carter

Raewyn Alexander - Walking Around Inside Myself

John Allison - Thirteen ways of looking at a lockdown

Ivy Alvarez - Ubos-lakás

Serie Barford - Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Shriya Bhagwat - The Ladybug And The Inkdrop

Rebekah Burgess - For Trinity Grace (Love From Mum)

Gemishka Chetty - So Where Do You Really Come From?

Miriam Clancy - The Thief

Mary Cresswell - Immigration Blues

Jeni Curtis - The Writer As Thief

David Eggleton - On First Looking into James K. Baxter's Collected Letters

Kim Fulton - Grace Cathedral

Michael Gould - MOREDATA

David Groulx - The Predjudices Of Death

Edna Heled - Invasion

Jenna Heller - Birdman

Lily Holloway - Shells

Lincoln Jaques - Self Portrait With A Cigarette: Vlaho Bukovac

Renee Liang - Migrant Song

Kate Mahony - At His Mercy

Sarah Maindonald - I Have Come To Realise

Ria Masae - Black Dog

Natasha Matila-Smith - Everyone Should Just Go Home Now

Natasha Matila-Smith - You Already Miss Me

Natasha Matila-Smith - Did You Mean To Touch My Hand

Natasha Matila-Smith - Look Up If You Like Me

Hannah-May Lee - Crow

Frankie McMillan - The Undertaker Bee

Sarah Penwarden - Layers

Hayden Pyke - City Of  The Future

Essa Ranapiri - Toikupu

Phoebe Rolfe - Cell

Vaughan Rapatahana - Auckland Triptych, Atawhai

Rosanna Raymond - Dancing In The Dark

Phoebe Rolfe - Cell

Lisa Samuels - Tour

Abra Sandi King - Hiking At Mount Ellinor

Dietrich Soaki - Rowley Ave

Karin Speedy - A la mode In Hunters Hill

Jasmine Taylor - Beloved Trope

Timber Tops - Hunterville 

Catherine Trundle - For Ceto Will Return Them To Us

Trish Veltman - Three Minutes In December

Sophia Wilson - Skin