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Mark Nicholas Jamieson
new zealand
I'm Mark Nicholas Jamieson, Aetearoa born and bred, and I've been writing since my early teens (about 20yrs). It did not come naturally to me but I had a voice inside crying out to be freed, so I persevered. I'm an artist by trade and I've tried my hand at music but it was through poetry that I could truly express my thoughts and feelings. My long term plan is to compile and publish a book of illustrated poetry, combining my art and writing skills to bare my soul to the world.

Again I purge my friends
Again I stand alone
Again I curse a life half lived
Again on and on.

Again I fall into the dark
Again to shed my tears
Again I have no control
Again the madness rears

Again I walk this world as one
Again I've blurted rhyme
Again I crawl and stagger and sway
Again to the end of time

Another time 'round

Let me ride the train again
This time I'll not waste the journey
On weed
And other hedonistic greed

This time I'll not stick my head out the window
Close my eyes
And let the beautiful scenery
Pass me by

I promise not to ignore the sounds
The rhythm of life
The subtle sounds
I will listen better next time 'round

I beg to be given this one simple thing
I'm wiser now
My eyes and ears are open wide
How can I get a ticket for another ride?

Inspired To A Better Day

By the halo of man,
Aspiring children of pleasure.

And thrust beyond,
Our wild eyes burning,
Aspiring children of Cain.

While we roamed the fringe,
Drunk and forgiving,
Aspired to carry the way.

I look now, as then,
A rusted kingpin,
Inspired to a better day.

Last Hurrah

What colour was your epiphany, my friend?
Was it in and out of blue?
Cathedral bells sang the last hurrah
As we stood and left the room

What a tearful place of misery
We had made amongst our homes
All our great potential and diviner ways
Will not save us from ourselves

What did we do to the creatures that passed us here?
How many fields did we stain with blood?
And from the skies cry tears of acid rain
No one deserves extinction more than us


I, that have lived as shadow
For as long as evening casts
Softly from corner to corner
And scattered by candlelight

I, that would roll across the floor
Chased by the dance of sun
Seen by few
And touched by none

I, under the rock and stone
Fell silent and began my watch
Alone by my way
I see more than the day

I, shroud in opaque black
Wait until the sun goes down
When shadows join
And I unite my friends intangible