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Photography: Sarah Reed
Phillipa Reeve

Phillipa Reeve is an ex social worker, builder, saleswoman, business  survivor, healing facillitator and travelling-circus concession worker. She has been published in Takahe and Tongue In Your Ear. She is currently studying towards a BA(hons) at Massey, and exploring the wonders of painting and photography.

the reckoning

Chocolate caramels
are expensive

The price is always

So when you flew
like a red Mirage meteor

not through the ceiling
but down the car park

into my almost-parked Primera
I did not wave my arms

at the heavens
demanding reasons

I saw this as a settling
of accounts

and chewed on freely

aging upwards

in shadows
as the oak
a bench fixed
in concrete
time's litter
at your feet
as body bowed
to sun and
time-line's start
you watch a growth
my seeing
and like the ancients
age upwards

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