For Trinity Grace (love from Mum)

My (our)
first Mother's Day

you are
eyes of soul

I see your eyelashes
they're of a little girl
(but you're just
five weeks old)

you pierce inside
the me I show to the world
and I want
to crawl inside you
where you and me
cease to exist
and we become one

your fingers wrap around my finger
your head is the same size
as my palm

you teach me what trust is
your energy torches my hand

you cradle my breast
you teach me what peace is


drift in

and out

Rebekah Burgess is based in Plimmerton, New Zealand. Her work has appeared in Blackmail Press and the Manawatu Standard and she has published two collections of poetry - 'Chasing Rainbows' and 'Advocating Madness'. She performed at the 'East West Poetry Festival' in Palmerston North and was guest poet at 'Hawke's Bay Live Poets' Society' in Hastings. She hopes that one day New Zealand poetry will be recognised by a wider audience and that artists in New Zealand will get the recognition they deserve.