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Photography: Sarah Reed
Renee Liang

Renee Liang  got her start in performance poetry in an outback pub in Broken Hill. Since then she has performed at the Friend in Hand in Glebe, Sydney, and is a regular at Poetry Live in Ponsonby, Auckland. She placed as a finalist in her first attempt at a Poetry Slam at the Grey Lynn festival, 2004.
dusk, sculpture symposium

The moon is up early
a fingernail clipping the sky
impregnated by sunset
each night she will swell
floating with increasing heaviness
among bubble bath clouds

Stones become seers
hoods thrown back
to the full beauty of the moon
now terrible in her luminosity
exulting in the chant
of her priests:

the wind rising
sand transformed by magic
into puddles of light
the song mounts
the goddess labours
stretched on her gauzy bed of stars

Clouds hide her modesty
at the ultimate moment
and the cough of gravel
bids us turn away
back to the town of mortals
whose lights beckon below.

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