Name: Richard Zola
country : England


he was going to ask if it would be ok to picnic on golgotha...

so a youth has been following christ for 45 minutes
wearing the same sort of sandals from the same sandal maker

christ is walking fast
the youth half running alongside

sees light through leaves in beard and hair
dried spit on lips


my father has a cart you made
though joseph did the finishing touches

it creaks a little; when you get time
ive tried oil

i saw you one time pouring tea
you held the pot high the cup low
sugar between your teeth

i heard words as the tea was filling the cup:

haala kalaam halakaam
haala kalaam halakaam

and then my name backwards

i told my mother, she threw a stick at me
when the stick hit the ground and i moved it
these words were written in the dust

pammaan dahvili

when i spoke the words my voice was like a sheep

how much lamb have you ever eaten in one go
have you crammed your mouth to suffocation

you dont have many mannerisms
no squint no nervous touching of the nose
no fiddling with your hair when you sit

i watched you walk one time
in a half light through pollen and dust

i wanted to cry
i was leaning against a tree

is that a sin
does it depend on what kind of tree

see that stone
if i pick it up and put it there

is that important is it wrong
should i go back replace the stone

see those birds the shape they make
how many are there

was that you chasing your mother 10 years ago
with a goat skin filled with water

i was 6 years old you trod on my thumb

the creaking cart you made says woman
woman woman woman lovely woman young and soft
im going to follow you home when you carry water

when you get time
ive tried oil

see the creaking attracts attention
im shy people look
the ears of the bullocks twitch

sometimes coming home
i stop the cart
sit near that stream the one that floods

see how thin my clothes
but i sit there in cold air

does your mother like apricots
dried or fresh

is it wrong to name a fish
is it wrong to imagine a fish

is it
is it
is it
wrong to

the youth tires
his mouth has been dry for a while

hes a long way from town
christ walks on

the youth stands in dust
runs catches up with christ

the woman who lives near the bridge he says
arranged melons on her table

did you make that table

she arranged melons;
when she went out i rearranged them

was that wrong

im sur e you made that table
it leans a little

the woman blames the floor

how is it that not everyone is a carpenter

whatre you going to do when youre old
and your hands are too twisted to hold a plane

have you ever made a face
when your mother is in front walking

had she turned seen
would you have pretended youd swallowed a fly

how come youve got no brothers or sisters

have you ever bought figs for a neighbour
thrown down placed the stems where ants walk
to interrupt their progress

haveyou ever seen a bedouin
wondered whats in those bags

whats in your bag
chisels a mallet

whats that wrapped in cloth
a fish

does your mother walk through dust
to bring bread and fish

or do you carry it with you
to swallow in shade

ive stood on the edge of the wilderness
there're people out there

i thought i saw a locust:
it turned out to be a hovering stone

the boy touches christs arm

deny deny deny
you made that womans table

why arent the wheels of my fathers cart perfectly round

christ says:
theyre eccentric because of the ruts in the earth
and the uneveness

if they were perfectly round
the axle would break

the youth watches christ walk into lessening light:

in my opinion the youth shouts
that womans floor is precisely level

it would depend on which skirt she was wearing...(sitting on a wall imagining)

whoever shes waiting for
is going to bring her a spoon

the dog near the bench doesnt think this
neither does the seagull leaving a mast

no-one thinks this

theres no-one waiting
she or he

figures walk
open close doors stand

someone buys bread
another something metal

its reassuring to see
that no-one has eaten the trees

words into the mouth of a bird

no she waiting
in this space on warm stone

had there been
how would she have dressed

not in mouse fur
how tall would she

taller than a mouse
intricate shoes blue skirt hair tied

not weeping though shes wept
she might weep for every skin

she may have written with chalk:

glory to the blameless sparrow hawk
glory to the starving cats
in the holy orange groves of
glory to the duck
feeding carp in an ornamental pond
bread from beak to watery mouth
dear duck hear my prayer
glory to the blessed hen
and the arching pock marked plough
see the hen beneath the plough
in shadow leaving eggs

and the horse in chains
through a yellow door

glory to that animal
hoof prints in dried earth

glory to the insects of the air
blessed be their ambition

glory to their breath i breathe

chalk from her hands
brushed onto her skirt

a slow walk home

nothing melodramatic about that
or the way she holds her cup

related to peaches probably...

she carried apricots from town

7 in a bowl on a table
beneath a sill

she's been looking at them
for approximately 40 minutes

are all apricots this size
she thought that


there were none larger smaller in the market

she's turned the bowl occasionally
watched light on fruit

heated coffee
arranged a cup saucer spoon

sliced bread cooked fish
arranged a plate knife fork

she touches the apricots:

those nearest the window
are warmer

she turns the bowl

she's finished the coffee
eaten the fish the bread

the cup saucer spoon
plate knife fork:

she washed those at the sink
put them away in a cupboard a drawer

she was going to leave them
next to the sink

but something about the apricots
she glanced at them while washing the plate

now she sits at the table
thinks this:

that bowl blue glass semi transparent
flowers leaves embossed

apricots require a white undecorated bowl
a green cloth beneath
and lying at an angle
say 5 inches from the bowl

an iris

is it reassurance this thought brings
she doesnt know

not a white a yellow bowl
round or oval on a white cloth

the iris 3 small shells
with pink

and herself leaning back in her chair
late one afternoon

related to peaches probably number 2...

on a white cloth:
7 apricots in a yellow bowl

beneath the cloth
a table

5 inches from the bowl
an iris

between the iris and the bowl
3 shells with pink

its late afternoon
she leans back in her chair

the bowl of apricots is near a sill
the apricots nearest the window are warm

through the window:
roofs and blue

she thinks:
a table is a fine thing

is it reassurance this thought brings
she doesnt know

the apricots in the bowl will shrink

is it reassurance this thought brings
she doesnt know

an oval shaped yellow bowl
bought in a market

she thinks:
such elegant curves

lit like that

now shes a carp in a pool
looking up through wire