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Photography: Sarah Reed
Sue Fitchett

Sue Fitchett is a clinical psychologist living on Waiheke Island. Her work has previously appeared in various journals, anthologies, selections and art shows.  Her publications include Drawing Together jointly Spiral/New Womens Press (with Janet Charman & Marina Bachmann); Charts & Soundings Jointly Spiral/Spinifex; some small navigation aids (with Jane Zusters) and Palaver lava queen AUP.  She co-edited Eat These Sweet Words (women's volume of The New Zealand Anthology of Lesbian and Gay Poetry).  She was the Louis Johnson bursar in 2001/2002.

up the rabbit hole

Alice I wish you were here
you talk to the red queen
pop down rabbit holes
suddenly leave an ordinary life

while treading a hohum day
splotched grey pavements
a smell & swoosh of cars
weighs down the air

ahead three workmen lean
study a manhole's black mouth
at the corner of my eye
out of that underworld egress

strange creatures crawl
scuttle off in all directions
rose red   pohutakawa red
red as magma

small to large  very large
my voice cracks a sound
what are they
cockroaches says an older workman

or drain engineer or spaceman
hardly looks at me peers down
the benighted wormhole
plants his boots in its alien fire

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