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Trevor Landers
new zealand
Trevor Landers is an Education Consultant who lives in Kelburn, Wellington.  He is currently working on a collection of experiemental collaborative poetry with Minnesottan poet, Megan Mohn from Minneapolis. His first bookof poetry, 'From Romania with Love' traversed his ambivalence for Romania when he spent a year lecturing in the English Literature Department at the University of the West in Timisoara. He was previously featured in BMP 11.


  craven of the ephermality of words I have been dispossessed of
    long before mother's milk and morphemes
      made unpronouncability a distant act of exoticism
         they are conjured with Icelandic enigmaticism: Háskólabíó
   just for the riotious way you contort the tongue.

    This figment: Erika, at the University cinema
      as inexplicable as the wane and wan of language marks
         cryptically, like a coda for snow and absence
             or the blue myrth of wolverine eyes
         watching sheaves of snow accumulating.

Inventing Erika

In the cold calm of unslept night
  moonlit ruefulness is in  pool wading
timid swimmers, warm snatches of  forgotten suns
    bite of the blackening breeze
  like a blurry photograph without flash
   as if you have inconceivably made me a widower
  yes, there is so much I do not understand...

Incomprehensibility; I pass like a mourner
    is it missing you or the idea of you
   the futures, the basic incompatibilities
         of men and women
  I am not sure; assurity being so elusive
    but then, that would be typical
       inventing you carries its own dangers.

The idiocy of illberalism

"keep an open mind"
    "learn to swim in a sea of discontinuties"
           "fixity and rigidness are your enemies"

  To a degree, I agree
      knowing my own enserfment leaves me bereft
            hollowed like the giant stump of a kauri tree
        & but I am able to abide with it awhile
              reflecting upon my enslavement makes me freer
    I am sure I read that somewhere swanky.

  Discount at your peril, that clouds and men
         are mercurial;  like the kaleidescope of heavens
              rushing impatiently overhead in the northeaster
                  I savour the tang of temporality rather than typecasting
          if I ever find you preparing a box and a taxnomic label
                for me, I will have the good grace
    to make an appointment with an embalmist myself
             You see, I'd prefer you to stuff me and called yourself a taxidermist henceforth
                   before I would ever live with the idiocies of illberalism
                           or limitation.

Elemental Tones

Across the emerald-furled plains
     the Sou'wester rattles
       the pizzle of rain piddling on tin
   dark, bilious clouds gather like great galleons
          in the sea of ideas
            an ocean of possibilities
      the squalls dancing like ballerinas over the house
             rain lashing like flagellation
                 shivers run spineward
             elemental tones on the xylophone of the back

Soliloquy on the entrapment of lusts

O untrammelled spirits
lead me knowingly into thy
soft fleshy portal
taste there nectar of woman
& pronounce myself giddy on
drunkenness of flesh
Unconsciously I seek divination
in your tender appointments
harbour in the ampleness of breast
covetous of pleasures deeply delicious
to wade through the upper reaches
with a supplicant mouth
and compliant tongue,
make your eyes coruscate
with Cyprian joys!