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Vincent Poole
new zealand
Vincent Poole is of Samoan and English descent. He lives in Whangarei, Northland. Vincent raises two children and is a sales representative.
Vincent is also a singer/ songwriter and is working on his debut album Many Stones, and will be available on early 2007.
Soul Friends

We gathered
soul friends
for long hours of waking

we drank spirits
in a cemetery
i don't remember much

Her hair
danced wild i
watched in this
forest dense cemetary

we ran for long
hours of waiting,
waking soul friends

Olive Child

swinging from entangled vine
watch you with eyes closed
freezing by the fireside
i awake in water

calling endless song to find your name
i turn on flame and kiss an
olive child

ravage the sun
as it creeps behind curtains
weep the feelings of remorse
wanting more of what we
ain't got

count letter upon word
who can i believe?
what will i receive?
the heart of a patterned child
the one who is insane.

we run the fields of immortal mind
strewn between thin lines
alleys full of stoney beings
pastries full of stoned olive child

little olive child

Sea- Ash- Wax

cast me in wax
when I shall die
encapsule me as statue
(heart of stone)

never leave me
in the cold, please
shadow my soul
(from the sun)

enshrine my ashes
in flight to the sky
i will meet you again
(in a field of flowers)

we shall bloom as one
in tomorrows dream
we will awaken the sun
(of a martyr)

my darling the seas
have all run dry
for us tonight
(will you sing for rain)

cremate me in ashen
tide, forever more
I shall be
(a bird on the rise)