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Photography: Sarah Reed
Yvonne Eve Walus

Yvonne Eve Walus composed her first poem, “The Flower of the White Dew” at the tender age of 4, in her native Polish. Her poems are slightly more sophisticated now, or so it would seem thanks to the absence of floral imagery. You can find out more on

the shades of imperfection

today is one of those days
when I long
for my old lifestyle
- of fast fucks
and slow Sundays -
today I want to shed
this cement slough
of children
and picket fences
today I want
to take three new lovers
and an old one
is an imperfect streak
in the fabric
of my so-called

today is one of those days
when expenses mount
and caffeine fails
I need a slug of whisky
- single malt -
today a wave of envy
crashes into me
and rides me rides me
without finesse
just because
of a friend's poem
a friend's perfect moment
in the fabric
of her so-called
single (unmarried)

a study in white

a ballet of dreams
a glimmer of bells
Manila cigars
after the groom’s speech
-he’s a real shark
sexy and able and strong -
and when the champagne is all pissed
you find an inactive walrus
in your bedroom

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