blackmailpress 14 ISSN 1176-4791
New Zealand Poets
Loketi Niua Papaha'amea Latu
Ben Kemp
Mua Strickson-Pua
Iain Britton
M. Bolton
Justin Jones
Robert Mclean
Holly Edgecombe
Troy Hasler
Jennifer B
Alex Stone
Sarah Reed
Susanne Morning
Megan Corcoran
Owen Bullock
Terry Carson
                        International Poets
Richard Zola
Ellen Johns
Graham Nunn
Salman Shaheen
Linda L. Bielowski
Adam Kane
Ann Healey
Kelly Malone
Graham Catt
Donnie Cox
Jim "Rhymemaster" Dunlap
Patrick Walsh
Maurice Oliver
Between the point of arrival-and-departure
and the action of the sames,
there exists
an exquisite poetry of expectation,

- Alex Stone
History of anchors; the poetics of departure
Anchors Adjusted - Alex Stone
W.S. Vun
Tom Randles
Althea Barr
Issue dedicated to Richard Zola
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